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June 29, 2009

Exclusive Preview of Lancôme Declaring Indigo by Aaron De Mey.

"Congratulations! You have been invited to Exclusive preview of Lancôme Declaring Indigo by Aaron De Mey!" - Oh gosh, finally, my long awaited email.

Thank You! CozyCot & Lancome for inviting me to this exclusive preview of Lancôme Declaring Indigo collection by Aaron De Mey. This is my 1st time attending a makeup launch & it has been a great experience for me.

I am someone who is usually in very light loose powder + nude lipstick (skip eye make up, not even mascara & lid liner). So, I am pretty amazed how indigo & gold can match our asian skin tone so well. I like the way Lancome's make-up artist guides us step-by-step on the right procedures & share the correct make-up procedures for which face type / eye type. The Lancome crew who let us trial the texture of their products.

Besides that, I must also compliment the Lancome's crews for making me so at ease in this event, especially Lancome's make-up artist. Plus the attractive goodies that was presented to us.

My message to Lancome & Cozycot crews : You have done a great job in organising this event. I will be definetly be getting your products soon.

Lancome's Exclusive Preview Launch
"It's when rules are broken and barriers taken down that newness is created and that's what interest me" Aaron De Mey
Lancome's Makeup artist & model
It has been added into my wishlist
Door Gift worth $80.00

I love Lancome's gold colored nail polish!


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