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July 1, 2009

Zeno Revolution

I came across a Zeno (Acne Clearing Device) device display when I was browsing around in Watsons- Raffles City while waiting attend a Lancome event.
I picked up a brochure about this amazing technology. It is a device which uses heat treatment on emerging acne pimple. Wow! When on earth did this device launch? Recently, I am having this problem with pimples ever since I used Laneige Pore Trouble series. I was told by SA that Laneige's Pore Series helps to "purge" out toxins. It has been years since I had "breakouts". I am so tempted to try this Zeno device. However, I restrained myself from buying as it was rather costly. I believe many of you out there are also tempted to buy, yet worry about its "claims".
If only the Zeno can hear out concerns. Perhaps let us trial it before purchase? As long as it can effectively zap out a pimple, anyone who has tried with definetly be tempted to purchase it. :) How about a contest for us and luckily winners have to blog about its effectiveness in combating acne pimples? I guess its just my wishful thinking.
Time to go for my Lancome event.


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