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July 12, 2009

꽃보다 남자 : Ji Hoo and Jan Di

Rushed home last night to catch Boys Over Flowers again. I look forward to the "romantic" scenes and the beautiful scenary of the show. I like the way Jun Pyo or Ji Hoo expresses their love for Jan Di. I like Ji Hoo for his way of protecting Jan Di, always there for her when she needs it most. In fact, I secretly wished that Ji Hoo and Jan Di can get together. I think Jan Di will be happier with Ji Hoo, as she does not have to face the nasty mother-in-law and her doings. Though I know the storyline inside out, I still cant help but to imagine my own version of Boys Over Flowers, whereby Ji Hoo and Jan Di can become a couple. Why did Jun Pyo fell in love with Jan Di? I believe it must be her strong and rebellious nature against him. No one has ever dared to challenge him and I can see he feels "excited" over the impossibles. In fact guys whose girlfriends or wifes are "chasing" this drama must be thinking : Hey Gals! Wake up your ideas. Stop day-dreaming over suave looking guys! Hmmm, I need to correct your Male Chauvinism attitude. We dont go crazy over good-looking guys okay! We are fanatic over this show simply because of their romantic expressions which are long extinct in today world. The Koreans actors / directors are able to capture and present to us the impossibles. Sometimes, I also wished my boyfriend can be as caring and romantic like the main actor. But all of us know, its quite unrealistic of me. Okay, time for me to wake up from this dream!


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