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August 30, 2009

Female Magazine Freebies

I was reading my Female magazine last night when I realised that I am able to get a sample of Biotherm new skincare - Skin Vivo. Great! I can get to compare it versus Lancome Genifique.
So this morning, came to Orchard early to redeem my freebies. My 1st stop is Biotherm counter to redeem my Skin Vivo sample. You need to break the code on the Female magazine to redeem this 7-day Skin Vivo sample pack. The code word is "VIVO".
TheSA gave me Skin Vivo ;
  • Serum - 3 packs of 1ML
  • Cream Gel - 1 pack of 1ML
  • Eye Gel - 1 pack of 1ML
In addition, this nice SA even gave me Biopur ;
  • Pore-Reducer 5ML - one-minute unclogging mask
  • Pore-Reducer 1ML - gentle purifying lotion
  • S.O.S Normalizer 5ML - normalizing moisturizing care anti imperfection

When I enquired about the $$$, she kindly informed me that next month, Isetan will be having a private sale.

My next stop is Anna Sui Counter. The SA used a pen to strike my redemption portion and passed me a Moisture-Riched based Foundation + 1 pack of Moisture Rich Foundation Primer.
My last stop will be Estee Lauder counter to redeem a sample of their latest Advanced Night Repair as tomorrow is the last day for redemption. Sadly to say, the SA who attended to me is friendly, but her supervisor has a nasty expression and is very fierce to her. She kept asking the younger SA - "Must take down all particulars!!!". The embarrassed SA, still sweetly smiling, tried to hand me a sample of it.
If you did not purchase September issue of Female, no worries. You can still redeem the following samples from their website.

Hoped you have enjoyed reading my blog. I hope you can visit meandmyTHRILLS frequently. I will try to share my THRILLS whenever I can. See you then!


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