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September 1, 2009

Me - "Window" Shopping Again ???

My intention was to stay at home and laze around. I had watched G.I.Joe late last night. However, I was woken by my neighbour's inconsiderate kids (#*%$*#@) who were screaming at the top of their voices in this morning. So I switched on my laptop and started browsing CozyCot forum and was informed that John Little & Tangs Private Sale (#*%$*#@) starts today! Why didn't I receive their mailer this round???

Since I will be in Marina Square area, so naturally it gives me an excuse to visit Fr3b again. This is my 4th trip to Fr3b since I officially joined on 11th Aug 09.

My 4th Trip to Fr3b
My trip to
Fr3b today is once again rather fruitful this round, though some new items I short-listed is OOS. Here are the items I have grabbed today.
  • ASIENCE Deep Nourish
  • ASIENCE Shine Therapy
  • AVALON Acne Fix
  • AVALON American Ginseng Slice With Honey
  • BRANDS Innershine Prune Essence
  • Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base
  • La-Roche-Posay Redermic Essence
  • WATSONS Active Firming Stretchable Mask
I was looking actually looking forward to "YUFIT HOT Face Shaper Mask" & "Energins Ginseng Essence" but sad to say, its OOS. Anyway, I managed to get a "Watsons's Active Firming Stretchable Mask" which was newly up on rack today. Gonna give mum this privilege to try this firming mask.
John Little Member Sales
I still enjoy using Dermal Masks which are from Korea and I have been using them for around 3 years. Somehow, I prefer theirs compared to TFS. Dermal Masks are retailing @ SGD1.90 and I usually stock-up when JL had 20% storewide. However, today, JL is selling @SGD$1.00 and per cardmember is only allowed 10pieces max. I did seriously consider asking my mum to help me buy 10pieces too, but decided not to. Reason??? My drawers are over-loaded with masks (various brands), I don't think I can finish them and I believe JL will surely be having promos again in near future. If I did not guess wrongly, JL is facing tough competition on this Dermal Mask because Watsons is also selling them (recently). See the St Ives? JL is giving 30%+20% for its products! Its sure a great time to stock up St Ives products now, trust me.
Watsons Member Bonus Points
I cant helped buy to grab some Formula 10.0.6 mud masks. Its having a 20% + 40 bonus points per pack. The offer is too tempting to give it a miss. I prefer to buy the pack instead of tube as its more hygiene.


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