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August 7, 2009

Watsons's Pricing Discrepancies ???

So disappointing! I intended to purchase the Formula 10.0.6 (0.35oz) @ $1.95 each pack yesterday. As I forgotten to bring my member card, my intention was to purchase today instead. Was quite happy to read fellow cotters post & also received Watson's sms on the National Day promo, whereby spend $44 nett & get 10% discount + 44 additional points. Wow!
Went down at 8pm to purchase my intended stuffs, but was surprised to see the price tag changed to $2.50 per pack. Thought I saw wrongly, so asked the Watson's staff about the price. She replied that the price was indeed increased to $2.50 today, and $1.95 was the promo price. Below are the the price variations for 2 different outlets, 2 different price, taken on same day.

What is the use of 10% discount? Even after the 10%, it will cost $2.25 compared to yesterday $1.95. I really regretted lusting over the Watson's point yesterday. My initial intention was to buy the trial pack to trial, if my sensitive skin can tolerate, I will purchase the 100ml (so much cheaper, only $9.90). I doubt I will every purchase it, unless they drop price back to $1.95.


Gosh.. u mean they increase their pricing to mark up so that they can give the discount during national day??!!

I have heard of this marketing tactics before... Didnt know it really happens.

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