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August 10, 2009

Watsons's National Day Promotion

I know I have expressed my disappointment in Watsons's price discrepancies a few days ago, and here I am, buying from Watsons again. Well, I must acknowledge that there is no way I can escape from buying stuffs from Watsons. I just have to be more alert about their prices variations.
Watsons is the only store that sells Cure Natural Aqua Gel, besides Isetan Scotts pharmacy. Since with nett $44, I will be entitled 10% discount + bonus 44 points, what would you do if you were me? No choice, just buy lor!
Usual $ : $42.00
Promo $ : $38.00
Discount $ : $34.20
I think it should be the "cheapest" Cure $$$ that we can find in Singapore, unless Watsons have 20% storewide (omg!!!)


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