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August 11, 2009

A proud member of Fr3b sampling store

I have joined Fr3b membership today, paid $28.00 @ the counter and I am all ready to go in to select my trials. Elfaine (the owner) happened to be @ the store today, a friendly and helpful lady. She trys to introduce must-try items according to out skin type.
I was given 16 welcome points, meaning I can book out 8 samples today. For your info, as store members, you are allowed to book out a max 8 samples (online is 4 samples only).
For anyone who is interested to join Fr3b store membership, please do so asap. You will still be entitled to a goodie bag worth $50.00. Below are the items given to me. It may not be as attractive as fellow members who had pre-joined and collected on 1/2 Aug 09, but still better than nothing right?
Below are the 8 samples that I have booked out today.
  • Beauty Talk Oxy AQUA
  • Beauty Talk Oxy Mask
  • Dentiste Nighttime Toothpaste
  • Elisha Coy Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop
  • Lioele Pore Clean And Tightening pack
  • Lioele Power Wrinkle Solution
  • Neutrogena Radiance Sampler Kit
  • Watsons Green Tea Essence ANTI OXIDANT Facial Mask
You will see that 2 items which I has wished to trial are not in the image.

  • Freeman clay mask (OOS)

  • Nivea Happy Time (since I was given a Nivea body lotion in my goodie bag)
Btw, was told by Elfaine that a lot of retail-sized items are no longer available currently, due to overwhelming response. What a let-down! But anyway, these are the items that attracted me to pick and try for now. So stay tuned for my reviews.

In case you are interested to join Fr3b store membership, click here to join (as usual, you get to join member, I get my referral points). Thanks in advance again!


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