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August 11, 2009

Fr3b Concept Store - Sample before purchase

To be Fr3b concept store member, you need;

  • Be an online Fr3b member
  • Pay $28.00 for store membership (which I think is quite worthwhile since you get to see and touch and pick yourself + save on postage)
Here's how it works (store membership);
  • Sign up thru the below link I have provided. I am appreciative if you can click Here to sign up, so that I will get to be awarded 1 referral point for every 5 referrals.
  • You will be awarded 6 points upon successful online application (6 points = 3 samples that you can book out).
  • You can proceed to sign up for their online membership of $28.00.
  • You will then be awarded additional 16 points upon payment of store membership (16 points = 8 samples that you can book out).
  • As usual, when usage / trial, do remember to review the products so that you will be awarded 2 points. You may also earn additional points for survey, or even start referring your own friends to join.
  • After all my detailed steps by steps, what are you waiting for? Click my above link or the Fr3b badge on my right.
  • I am really appreciative if you can apply thru my link / badge so that I can get more points and review more products.
  • Thank You in advance.

You can now visit Fr3b Concept Store during their opening hours. Mon: Closed Tue - Sat: 11am to 7pm Sun: 11am to 3pm


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