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August 12, 2009

Review : 1st Fr3b Samples

Beauty Talk Oxy AQUA & Oxy Mask

Ratings : 3/5

I grabbed these products Fr3b as I heard so much raves about them from forums. As the $$$ is rather steep, I would prefer to try before purchase.

Beauty Talk Oxy Mask : I was looking forward to bubbles surfacing on my face as its interesting gimick. I was rather disappointed as I did not feel immediate hydration after using it.

Beauty Talk Oxy Aqua : Its light texture absorbs well into my skin. It is hydrating enough, yet does not become very oily for my skin.

Dentiste Nighttime Toothpaste
Ratings : 4/5

I have always been using Sensodyne as I have very sensitive teeth. Saw it at Watsons but kept contemplating whether to buy or not. I am glad that Fr3b gave me a chance to trial it. Dentiste gives me the clean and refreshing feel after each brush. It did not trigger any teeth sensitivity during my trial period. I am currently using Dentiste(Nite) along with Sensodyne(Day).

Elisha Coy Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop
Ratings : 3/5

I booked this from Fr3b as I like any products that can hydrate my skin. It indeed liked up to its "moisture replenishment" claim. It absorbs easily into my skin, yet not oily as I don't have to blot often. As for whitening, I cant comment as I seriously need to trial it for a long period to see visible results.

Lioele Pore Clean And Tightening Pack

Lioele Power Wrinkle Solution
Ratings : 2/5

I booked this from Fr3b to try as I had this 1 irritating wrinkle on my lower eyelid that is very disturbing everytime I look into the mirror. It is rather hydrating but I was still quite disappointed that it does not show any slight improvement of this sickening wrnkle despite 1 week of usage. I shall continue to use it till I finish my sample. Meanwhile I hope the wrinkle will be less obvious, though I doubt so.

Neutrogena Radiance Sampler Kit
Ratings : 4/5

I loved Neutrogena DWM and is glad that Fr3b is giving it out exclusively for store member.
Cleanser - Feels clean, yet not drying
Toner - Soothing sensation
Mask - I love the mask best. Occassionally, I will experience slight stinging for few seconds. It never fails to hydrates my skin while brightening my skin. Its essence absorbs easily into my skin and does not leave a sticky feeling after removing the mask. Whitening effect is seen after frequent usage.

Ratings : 4/5

I took the opportunity to book out this Watsons "Green Tea" Mask from Fr3b during my 1st trip to its newly opened store. Generous essence in the packet, compared to most masks (eg MBD Masks). I haveso much excess essence which I can apply on my neck, arms and legs. Its thick yet not sticky essence absorbs easily into my skin. My skin feels supple and soft the next morning. It forms a layer of moisturising coat over my skin, which I can easily rinse off the next morning. Somehow, I feel that my makeup seems to stay better after 1 trial.


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