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August 14, 2009

ION Orchard - Goodie Bag

Not exactly sure why I received an email from ION orchard - rewarding me with a goodie bag (filled with voucher and freebies worth up to $400.00 eclusively for me. It says : "Thanks for being a friend". Since it also states while stock last, I printed the email and went to collect my goodie bag during lunch time today.

Quite interesting marketing tactics. Decided to hunt this store after work today. As usual, expected long queue since its giving out free reward : 6 pieces Takoyaki worth $6.00 (i think).

Though the queue may seems rather long, in fact the "speed" of the staffs are fast. I only spent around 10mins in the queue. When its my turn, and I showed the voucher, the staff seems kinda "sianz" that again its another FOC sale. Hey guy! I wont be a free-loader, I shall helped Gindaco do some "publicity" since i have been "bribed" with your food! Haha!

I must comment that it taste nice, the portion is generous. I will definetly go back and buy and it it. Btw, they do have some membership reward.


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