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October 13, 2009

My "simple" life ...

Fr3b Store

I saw from Fr3b site that the V-Shaper Mask is back on rack again.

Memory Card
I need to get an additional memory card for my coming holiday. Guess where??? Do follow closely to my travel blog update (this will be my very first attempt using a DSLR, I hope I don't embarrass my dear - who had patiently taught me). 

Bead Curd Tart
I purposely made a detour to get these bead curd tarts for dear to try. Since my friends introduced me to this - I have been going back for more. For your info, we need to pre-order. You may walk-in but high chance you will leave empty-handed.

I received my Deep Heating Rub sample from ZampleMan, just in time for my coming holiday. I will usually "whack to the max" which I will usually end up with very muscles aches.


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