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November 27, 2009

19 Days of CURFEW is finally over!

Nineteen days since my last visit to Fr3b store.
No particular reason, its just plain laziness!
Perhaps the unpredictable weather has affected my mood to step out of my home.

Fr3b current membership goodie bag.
(displayed on their counter)
Nowadays, members get to select the gifts that they prefer.
Thumbs UP!

Ever wonder what's actual items in the goodie bag that is worth more than sgd$50.00

Click "19 Days of CURFEW is finally over!" to read more -->
4 types of Goodie Bag for you to choose from

Samples I checked out today.


hi! i was wondering if i had to live in singapore to be able to sign up for fr3b?

Hi Teresa,
iirc, as online member, you need a s'pore address to sign up as they only deliver their samples within s'pore.

I would suggest u email them for a clearer picture.


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