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March 10, 2010

Yes! This blog is still in operation

Apologise for "abandoning" my blog for the past few weeks.

I have recently taken new job responsibilities and have been too exhausted to blog. Moreover, I had to "grab" every precious time of mine to plan my coming Japan holiday. Luckily dear was able to plan the "skeleton" of our itinerary this round.

Dear bought a bigger lugguage for me! We bought the lugguage from John Little during their member sale last weekend. Guess which color did I pick? For a 29 inch lugguage, it only weights 5.4kg, 360 degree-rotate wheels, expandable and etc. A perfect companion for ladies. Haha!

Meanwhile, I have also changed my ¥ (Japanese Yen) today. Btw, ¥ continued to fluatuate between 15.55 - 15.75 during these couple of days.


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