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April 16, 2010

LOOTS : Laneige + Fr3b

I regretted agreeing to help Clara purchase her Laneige loose powder. The trip to Laneige Beauty Bazaar today was simply a waste of time.

I went early to Robinson for Laneige Beauty Bazaar, hoping to skip the lunch crowd. My mission was to purchase their loose powder, as mentioned above. The small room was almost 30% filled and most products were already OOS. The sale stocks were rather so limited, that almost all must-buy items were unavailable.

Since loose powder were OOS, I had a quick browse and spotted the Laneige Clear C-Effector. I have often heard Clara raving about this, so I decided to buy one bottle for myself. FYI, this was manufactured in Feb'2010. I almost bought the concealor too, only to realised that it was manufactured in 2007 (which I eventually gave it a miss!).

Laneige Clear C-Effector 100ML

Imported by Laneige (Malaysia) ??? 

More about booster and its directions to use.

I also visited Fr3b store for sample therapy and took the opportunity to check out the newly launched Asience Haircare.


thanks for dropping by my blog =) yeap actually on the first day the loose powder left with shade 2 when i went around 4 plus. :/ already first day i went there to get samples stuffs most OOS le. but my friend managed to help me get sleeping pack on the second day. they release the samples one by one.... =.=''' if you are interested in Balancing Emulsion 1 or Ultra Hydro Cream Ex but manufactured in 07 and 08. :S a bit hard to get dates like in 09.... i got quite a few... since travel size easy to carry around. =)

is the Asience Haircare nice? =) maybe i should drop by Fr3 and check out some things too =D

@ jellytelly_ri-chan,
I was there when they released the sleeping pack. but I did not purchase as I still have sufficient.

I have yet to try the Asience ones, but I believe like their previous collections, it will be nicely scent and I am sure I will enjoy using it.

Look forward to more updates on your blog :)

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