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April 23, 2010

MAKAN : Seafood Paradise @ Defu Lane

Finally gotten a chance to taste the highly raved Seafood Paradise and it's signature dish : crab in superior stock with vermicelli today!

Overall, it offers a nice ambience with a rather affordable $$$.

Verdict : 3.5/5

Restaurant in industrial area?

Looks like typical coffee shop "zi char" signage

Finally, a mmore presentable view of Seafood Paradise

The menu looks very dull.

Its a pity the images does not project a "must-eat" temptation

A not crowded Seafood Paradise

This is the best! I repeat, the best dish out of the rest we ordered.
*Ops!* Just cant remember the dish's name.

This tasted *So-So* compared to others

Coffee Pork Ribs.
The coffee taste is too "fake"!

Signature Dish!
Its a pity the vermicelli is too soggy!

This tastes good expect for it strong "spices" which goes away rather soon.

Steamed Man-tou

Deep fried Man-tou which tasted crispy on outer and soft on inner!

The noodles was cooked too salty.

Seafood Paradise
91, Defu Lane 10, Swee Hin Building. Singapore 539221

6487 2429



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