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April 22, 2010

NEWS : Jetstar New Flight Route

Interesting marketing "attention" from  Jetstar!

I received an email alert on Jetstar's new flight route to Osaka, Japan. Oh gosh! Japan on a budget airline? I had experienced great discomfort taking Delta Airline to Japan, with its limited seat space. However, everything can be "compromised" if the fare is right! Agree?

Before you start booking, do take note that sgd$198 is a one way fare.

I did a quick calculation with a random date to have a rough estimation of the return fare for 2 pax. It works out to be ~ sgd$500 per pax. This is almost sgd$200 - sgd$300 savings compared to usual airlines.

For budget travellers, you might want to consider this option as there is significant savings. However, before you book, do scout for promotional "rates" from other airlines before you decide. The decision is yours.

At this very moment, I wont consider this, as the flight hours taken is simply too tiring.


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