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April 9, 2010

Spring in Tokyo, Japan - Day 2

We begin our day early today. Our hotel rate includes breakfast and here's our simple yet filling meal.
Though the subway is only a short 1 min walk from hotel, it took us almost 15mins to reach. We were kinda lost in orientation.
Our Metro Pass only allows us to board Metro Lines, yet we were so blur to walk to another private line subway station. We tap our PASS withour realising that it was the wrong line. Only when the system show a "Pass Expired", then we realised we are at the wrong subway line. Blur us!

With such an extensive coverage of train stations and lines, it is really difficult to remember them without referring to the train maps.

We were pretty early when we reached ASAKUSA and managed to take a few peaceful shots of this place. The shopping streets does not operate so early, so we went sightseeing first. For you info, the temple opens as early as 5.00 am.

I subconscienciously opened the drawers only to realise that in it are where all the lot interpretations are. After you have your lot number, you will have to pay a some donation and pick your lot interpretations here.

Along the Nakamise Street, we get to buy lots of tourist-packed foods and snacks and also souvenirs. There were lots of variety of souvenirs ranging from keychains to food to displays etc. I spent almost 1.5 hours in this 400m street.

More uploading coming up


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