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May 28, 2010

POLL : meandmyTHRILLS Survey

Dearest readers,
You may have chanced upon here accidentally while searching (Google / Yahoo / Etc) for some particular information / been redirected here against your will / been introduced to this blog. Whatever the reasons, I wish to WELCOME you and THANK you for spending your precious time reading my posts.

If you have found my blog informative or interesting to your taste, I would appreciate if you spare a tiny space in your blog / facebook to share meandmyTHRILLS to more friends online.

Join meandmyTHRILLS today!

Meanwhile, I wish to trouble you to take a quick poll. This will be a quick exerccise and it will only last 1 week. Do share with me the reason(s) why you have been coming back to meandmyTHRILLS. Is it for Travel section? Skincare section? Cosmetics section? News on upcoming events? News on upcoming sales? Everything! ? Not sure why on earth U landed here?

Thanks and see you again!


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