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June 24, 2010

PH : Testing the pH of my skincare (3)

I have always been blaming STRESS for causing havoc to my used-to-be flawless skin. on serious recalling, I have been constantly battling with this acne for the past one year. Oh gosh! The thought of it made me fumed! I thought acne only occurs in adolescent and not adults?

Recently with the results of my cleanser's pH testing, it made me wonder why the huge variant in pH readings between Ettusais Medicated Soap (pH9) and The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash (pH6) which I have been diligently using for the pass 6 months.

I usually uses TBS Tea Tree Facial Wash for morning, as I find it less harsh and more moisturising. As for Ettusais Medicated Soap, it for use at night, right after proper cleansing oil method. Somehow the Ettusais manages to leave my skin real clean but rather drying which I quickly hydrate with my Vichy Thermal Facial Mist (I am horrified that it has a pH9, which I will be discussing more in my next post). Its really horrible to think of how much my skin has to recover to pH5.5 after using the Ettusais Medicated Soap. And it made me realised now, how important it is to apply the Ettusais Acne Version Up (pH6) and Ettusais Acne Aqua Shooter (pH5) immediately instead of Vichy Thermal Facial Mist! I cant imagine the amount of bacteria multiplying on my face! Oh yucks!!!

I came across Beauty Credit skin shower story promoting cleansers with pH8.8. This really confuses and contradict my previous findings from

Something caught my eye while my brain is trying to logic it out. Cleansers with pH < 5.5 is moisturising but poor cleansing power. Didn't I just review the TBS Tea Tree Facial Wash, commenting that it was less harsh and very moisturising? The main reason why I hate to use it after makeup removal is because it leaves a layer of silky feeling which I find it does not cleanses well. But its great to use it in the morning. Next, cleansers with pH > 8.8 has stronf cleansing power yet causes dryness. Yes! That is exactly what Ettusais Medicated Soap did! It made my skin so dry that prompted me use facial mist.

Despite the table of benefit on cleanser with pH8.8, I seriously need to test it before I can say it works! I am very tempted to buy it yet rather hesitant about cleansers with pH > 8.00. Any advise from readers using Beauty Credit Skin Shower pH8.8? Pls share your review with us by leaving your link at the comments.


There are a lot of views on skincare, just like the age-old argument about moisturisers and oily skin. Some believe that you should reduce or even do away with moisturisers if you have oily skin, while others claim that you need to moisturise more so that your skin won't need to produce more oil to do the job.

For the pH level issue, Somang Korea figured that it's pointless to have a super-gentle cleanser that sacrifices cleaning power. Somang can't claim that pH 8.8 is the "best" pH level, but based on their research it is the most "balanced" when tested on a majority of people.

My advice is the same for anyone who asks me if such-and-such skincare is right for them - try it yourself first. We have testers available for (almost) every product at all our stores, and some we even have sample sachets for you to try at home. Please check with our staff for availability first, though. - Beauty Credit

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