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August 16, 2010

Treatment at Musee Platinum Tokyo

Remember about the Musee Platinum Tokyo that I blogged previously? My cousin has went for her 1st treatment early this month.

Do be early for your appointments as there will be a forfeit of a treatment if you are late for 15mins or more. It was a busy day at Musee on her appointment day, and she has to wait for around 15 - 20 minutes before being led to the treatment room.

The treatment room was has a very basic setting and it brightly lighted. You will be given 10mins changing time before the therapist will proceed to start your treatment. There is a locker allocated for you to store your belongings, and you get to keep the key (to avoid any mis-understandings).

Her Review : The therapist was friendly and makes all attempts to make me feel at ease. There wasnt any pain or adverse reaction on my skin after treatment. Perhaps due to the fact that I epilate, there wasnt much discomfort, except for occassional "rubberband-sensation". Overall it was a pleasant experience for me. Thank You.
Interested to sign up?
Do remember to quote her MUSEE member number # 81001182;
and you (as a new member) will immediately be rewarded with a free upper lip treatment.

Do drop me an email (meandmythrills[@] or leave a comment with your member number here after you have quoted the above number. Thanks


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