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August 15, 2010

Elishacoy Organic Facial Essence Mask Review

[Guest Blogger - Ms SPinky]

Today, I am delighted to introduce a guest blogger, Ms SPinky from foodessence.blogspot to share with us her review of the Elishacoy Organic Facial Essence - Aloe & Lavendar Mask Sheet.

More and more beauty products are incorporating natural food essence into their products to bring more beneficial goodness to the skins.

Recently, Lslyn from meandmythrills.blogspot, recommended me a brand called "Elishacoy - Noblesse Naturalism", a European styled clean and refined esthetic brand which makes use of herb extracts to maximize the skin's self-survival ability. This is known by them as "the essence of botanical healing". It makes use of and combines all-natural botanical ingredients and herbs-extract processed using advanced technology for maximal preservation of their natural goodness. 

Since this is in line with "Food Essence" image, I decided to do a review on the "Aloe & Lavendar Mask Sheet" which I have used recently. 

Like other brands mask, after washing the face, spread the sheet mask evenly on the face and leave it for 10-15 mins before removing it. 

Before putting on the mask, the skin of my face is dry and dull, especially after washing with facial foam which normally strips off the moisture level of the skin. Unlike other brands of mask which I have used, the eye portion of this mask has an opening which gives you a choice to or not to cover the eye portions. For me, I chose to cover the eye portions for maximal coverage. The essences which is already fully absorbed by the 100% cotton mask is not sticky and alcoholic. When spread evenly on the face, it gives a feeling of tightness, very cooling and soothing, accompanied by flora aroma which was very relaxing! I actually dosed off unknowingly! 

After 15mins, the mask is still quite wet but I decided to remove it. Looking at the mirror, I feel that the skin looks more radiant. The skin of the face becomes moisturized and feels more refreshing! 

Especially for women who has preference for natural beauty care products, I highly recommend this mask sinc it has also proven its effectiveness on my skin! There is a range of masks produced by this brand to suit the different skin types and age groups. The price for Elishacoy Organic Facial Essence Mask is SGD22.90 for 5 pieces per box. For more details, you may visit to find out their other products which might be of interest to you! You can get Elishacoy not only at the mentioned website, but also at John Little Departmental Store. Do check it out!


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