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September 25, 2010

Dentiste NightTime - Plus White Perfect Gum & Tooth Protection Toothpaste

Dentiste - Plus White Perfect Gum & Tooth Protection Toothpaste
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I started using my Dentiste NightTime Toothpaste the very day I received it, from The Sample Store and Confirm Trading SingaporeThe below review of Dentiste NightTime Toothpaste is made based on the usage of once daily over a period of four days.

The texture of the Dentiste NightTime Toothpast is definitely much solid (similar to most toothpaste available) than Dentiste REPAIRE. It also came with a mint scent but in  opinion is much stronger than the Dentiste REPAIRE. I do notice that my mouth is less dry when I wake up in the morning.

How about the bad breathe in the morning? I will be deceiving you if I say I wake up with refreshing breath (laughs). As I have mentioned in my previous post, please do not be mistaken that you wont need to brush your teeth when you wake up the next morning or that you will wake up with refreshing breath. Dentise night-time toothpaste is recommended because it effectively inhibit night-time bacteria which is a cause of tooth sensitivity and bad morning breath.

And as mentioned earlier, I am using Dentiste's NightTime toothpaste once daily in the night only. And by the way, you may also leave the toothpaste in the mouth for about 1-2minutes before rinsing for most effective results.

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Dentiste NightTime - Plus White Perfect Gum & Tooth Protection Toothpaste

Do you know?
While we are asleep, our saliva flows slower than day time.
Anaerobe bacteria grow very quickly,
Therefore producing smelly volatile Sulphur compounds
This result is getting bad breath in the morning

Bad breath is a sign of other problems in your mouth (Tooth Decay and etc)
It also causes body health problems (Ulcer, Cardio Vascular Disease and etc)

Regular toothpastes are not able to effectively control oral bacteria;
therefore, we still have bad breath though we already brush our teeth well.

Dentiste NightTime toothpaste helps
controls oral Bacteria effectively and gives the fresh morning breath

Dentiste NightTime toothpaste is ideal for

Those having bad breath in the morning
Executives in high-pressure businesses
Those having minimal rest
Frequent travelers
Smokers, Tea, coffee and alcohol drinkers
Those who want to enhance confidence with clean teeth & fresh breath
Those who went through dental treatments requiring extensive oral care
Those who require extensive oral care
Those who have diabetes, heart diseases requiring extensive care for their oral hygiene.
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