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September 25, 2010

Dentiste REPAIRE - Plus White Premium Herbapeutic Toothpaste

Dentiste REPAIRE - Plus White Premium Herbapeutic Toothpaste

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I started using my Dentiste REPAIRE the very day I received it, from The Sample Store and Confirm Trading SingaporeThe below review of Dentiste REPAIRE is made based on the usage of once daily over a period of four days.

The texture of the Dentiste REPAIRE is much runny (somewhat liquid; not firm)  than all the other brands of toothpaste that I have used. Its light mint scent seems to perk me up immediately and makes me feel so refreshed to start a brand new day. In fact the freshness lasted relatively long and is certainly most welcomed in my line of work.

I will usually experience gum swelling or tooth sensitivity after a couple days of usage with typical toothpaste (even colgate sensitive pro-relief does not work for me). So I am glad that I did not experience any form of discomfort or swelling during the four days, as this would mean I have an alternative option.

Before I forget, as its usage directions recommends too, please remember to leave the toothpaste in the mouth for about 1-2minutes before rinsing for most effective results. That's the same advice that my dentist gave me. I cant exactly remember the exact reason, except that it has something to do with letting our gums (or could be teeth) absorb the essence of the toothpaste.

And as mentioned earlier, I am using Dentiste REPAIRE once daily in the morning only instead of its usual recommendation of twice daily. Reason? That's becos I am also trying Dentiste's Plus White NightTime toothpaste which I will post my review in my next post.

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Dentiste REPAIRE - Plus White Premium Herbapeutic Toothpaste

Ever wondered why the problems of teeth, gums, bad breath
still persist after undergoing clinical treatments at dental clinics?

Do you know?
Regular toothpastes only clean teeth.
They do not help rebuild lost tooth essential minerals (Demineralization).

Even clinical treatments can only temporarily stop the problems
They are unable to sustain good oral hygiene
due to failure to sustain the remineralization process.

That is why the problems keep coming back again.

Dentiste REPAIRÉ contains
Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate (NovaMin®).
A bio-active material made from essential elements naturally found in healthy teeth: 
Calcium, Phosphorus, Sodium and Silicon.

Dentiste REPAIRÉ helps
Promotes tooth remineralization to bring back lost essential minerals
into the teeth to relieve sensitive teeth, gingivitis and plaque
Inhibits bacteria
Whitens teeth
Relieves inflammation
Increases tooth hardness

Dentiste REPAIRÉ is ideal for
Tooth Cavity, Erosion and Abrasion 
Tooth Hypersensitivity 
Low Salivary Flow ( smokers, drinkers & those in highly stressful jobs ) 
Post Whitening Sensitivity 
Post Scaling Root Planning 
Orthodontic White Spots 
Daily Oral Care Booster

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