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September 21, 2010

Invitation to Sample + Review Dentiste' Plus White Toothpaste

As someone with tooth hypersensitivity (sensitive teeth), I could never use ordinary toothpaste catered to the majority. For your info, I have been a long time user of Sensodyne for the longest time I can ever recall.

Dentiste' Plus White Perfect Gum & Tooth Protection 
Dentiste' Plus White Premium Herbapeutic Toothpaste
I received an email invitation from Li Juan (TheSampleStore) late last week to sample + review Dentiste's products, which I replied without any hesitation. I have heard about Dentiste's new REPAIRE Premium Herbapeutic toothpaste which was said to repair tooth cavities, erosion and sensitivity through bone regeneration technology for whiter teeth and healthier teeth and gums.

Special thanks to TheSampleStore!
In fact, when Dentiste's Night-Time Toothpaste first launched in Singapore, I was curious yet hesitant to purchase it. If it had been a night-time beauty product, I would have purchased with no qualms. But a night-time toothpaste? I seriously arent convinced to part with my $$$.
Dentiste's range of products
However, I gotta the opportunity to "check out" the Dentiste's Night-Time toothpaste during my first visit to its samplestore @ Stamford House (formerly Fr3b) more than a year ago. Dentiste's Night-Time toothpaste was said to be the only effective night-time toothpaste that helps control oral bacteria effectively to give the user a fresh morning breath.

Pls do not be mistaken that you wont need to brush your teeth when you wake up the next morning. Dentise night-time toothpaste is recommended because it effectively inhibit night-time bacteria which is a cause of tooth sensitivity and bad morning breath.

Redeem your sample here.
I will go into more details of the products in my upcoming posts. Meanwhile, you might be interested to check out more info about Dentiste's products and also do remember to redeem a travel size sample of Dentiste Night-Time toothpaste!


Hi, i have always wanted to try but finds it expensive. Finally the opportunity to try it now.

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