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September 20, 2010

Support Your Favourite Ms. Clinelle Finalist and WIN!

Clinelle, a specialist in cosmeceutical home skincare with powerful botanical infusions is a firm believer in the importance of skin health, confidence and natural radiance from within. The new refreshing and modern packaging, came formulated with the dermatologist-tested Envinix™ System with RX3 Action takes advantage of the power of botanical extracts, vitamins and natural essential oils to Repair-Refine-Reshield the skin.

The new Clinelle brings with it professionally formulated products and targeted treatments that are safe, affordable and suitable for daily use.

Clinelle is a skincare range that focuses on optimizing skin health, while restoring unbalanced skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation and premature ageing while avoiding the six potential irritants which cause damage to the skin.
The wide range of Clinelle products that caters to sensitive and acne-prone skin type
Clinelle's tips for Happy Skin and Happy Face.

  1. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise
  2. Move That Body
  3. Juice What You Need To Be Happy!
  4. Drink Up!
  5. Never Leave Home Without Sun Protection
  6. Be a sleeping Beauty ... zzz ...
  7. After Bath - prime Time To Moisturise
  8. Have A Light Heart
  9. Stub Out That Cigarette
  10. Clinelle's 6 best-Kept Secret
Clinelle's happy tips to beautiful skin
Clinelle's 6 Secrets to Happy Skin is essential to healthy, radiant skin. Clinelle's products are free of artificial colouring, artificial fragrance, comedogenic ingredients, lanolin, mineral oil and SD-Alcohol. Long term use of these products will ensure that pores do not clog and moisture is well maintained, thereby reducing skin sensitisation and breakouts.
And remember the 6 best secrets of Clinelle
Keen to have healthy radiant skin?

Clinelle is a official co-sponsor of this year's The New Paper New Face, and is on a search for Ms Clinelle Happy Skin. Clinelle being a firm believer in the importance of skin health, which will give confidence and natural radiance from within. The search for Ms Clinelle Happy skin will bring the personality contest to a brand new level, as it looks for a new talent who not only looks good on the outside, but glows from the inside.

The search for Ms Clinelle Happy Skin is now on!

And now for exciting part of this post - Just for fans of Clinelle's Facebook page : You can now vote for who you think will emerge as Ms Clinelle Happy Skin at The New Paper New Face finals on 07th Oct 2010, by clicking 'like' on the photos of their favourite finalist. Photos of The New Paper New Face finalists has been uploaded onto Clinelle's Facebook page.

You can vote for who you think will emerge as Ms Clinelle Happy Skin at TNP New Face finals
Just by clicking 'like' on the photo of your favourite finalist!

Clinelle facebook campaign starts from today,
20th Sept 2010 - 06th Oct 2010.

2 lucky fans will each win a pair of exclusive VIP tickets to The New Paper New Face finals, and results will be announced on 27th Sept 2010 and 04th Oct 2010.

Once Ms Clinelle Happy Skin has emerged on 7th Oct 10, Clinelle facebook fans who had voted for the winner will be entered into another draw for a chance to win $100 worth of Clinelle products and the winner will be announced on 08th Oct 10.

Good luck everyone!


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