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September 15, 2010

Rejuvicare 3D Contouring Mask

Remember my previous post on "What's this?"? I am revealing this unique skincare product that Ezen has sent me quite sometime ago.

I was random surfing the net when I came across introducing its new Rejuvicare 3D Contouring Mask. I was attracted by the word "3D" which made me curious to find out more about it.

30g of essence, that's a lot!
Notice the unique part of the mask?

While I was google-ing more reviews on this 3D contour mask, I cam across Eroma's search for Rejuvicare 3D mask Ambassador. I emailed them expressing my interest without realizing that contest was over (silly me!).

Thanks Ezen, for responding with an invitation for me to try the Rejuvicare 3D Contouring Mask. Visit to find out more about it today.


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