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September 15, 2010

Review of the Rejuvicare - 3D Contouring Mask

[Sample and Review]

Here's the Rejuvicare 3D Contouring Mask that I received more than a month ago. Apologies that it took me so long to review it.

When I received the Rejuvicare 3D Contouring Mask, I was kinda disappointed with it packaging. It does look kinda boring and isnt tempting at all (compared to my other masks). However, when I finally used it early this month, I was sold!

Apologies if this image looks scary.
Its the best way to show the mask outline.
This facial mask somehow gives me the illusion that it's huge! I guess that's becos of the additional chin mask that came attached to it. Most of the facial sheet masks thats I have used does not come with a ear-loop attachment. And Rejuvicare was thoughtful to have attached a ear-loop to its chin mask portion too.

You will be surprised that it is mess-free despite its 30g of essence, the mask when removed from its packaging wasnt drippy like most facial mask. It did managed to moisturize and rejuvenate my skin and I did not experience any discomfort with it.

Becos of its ear-loop, I simply gotta ranked it as the best-fitted facial sheet mask that I have used so far!


You can log on to for more details on this new Rejuvicare 3D Contouring Mask. Meanwhile Ezen is doing a fund raising for Leh Ladakh and will be donating $5 from the proceeds in their name to save the flood victims for every box sold.


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