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September 5, 2010

Review of the Yufit - Perfect V-Line Face Shaper Bra

This is a mask targeted at our chin and neck area, aiming to enhance our face-line. I was quite skeptical over its self-heating claims initially. However, right after applying it, the burning sensation starts almost immediately. It was barely 15secs and my skin was already "burning hot".

I was so worried that it may scalded my skin and kept checking to make sure my skin is fine. The amazing part is, though its burning hot, it did not cause any redness and the sensation was so lasting throughout the 30mins.

Any significant improvement in my face-line?

Frankly speaking, I did not notice any significant improvement in my face-line. However, the intense burning sensation somehow makes me feel that this Yufit - Perfect V-Line Face Shaper Bra - has worked hard to firm up my face-line. I have this sudden urge to use it again tonight.

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