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September 5, 2010

Yufit - Perfect V-Line Hot Face Shaper Bra

I received the Yufit - Perfect V-Line Face Shaper Bra from Lush Group last week. I was expecting the usual facial sheet masks, and was surprised to realise that it is actually a mask meant to enhance our face line. In fact, I am still puzzled over how it works as the packaging also mentioned words like self-heating, lifting collagen and cellulite.

Isnt this very girl's wish for a firm and defined V-shape face?
Yufit HOT Face Shaper Bra @ S$35.00 (7pieces)
Yufit HOT Face Shaper Bra at John Little departmental store &
The best way to clear my doubts is to use the mask now. So I shall abruptly end my post now as I will be testing the mask this very moment. Good night!


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