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September 3, 2010

SANA Natural Resource Challenge (Part 3)

This will be a quick and short post as I gotta get some beauty sleep already. As Carra has mentioned, most of us are guilty of sleeping late which will indirectly affect our body functions. When metabolism is affects our daily skin renewal cycle, our skin natural barrier is weakened which may lead to skin problems.

Here's the new range of skincare which I will be using for the next one month. I am enthusiastic to try the SANA Natural Resource skincare and cosmetic range that Carra has prepared for my problematic skin type. Hopefully this additive-free (colorant, mineral oil, alcohol, paraben, UV absorbent agent and artificial fragrance) range of products will bring me a closer step to my "once upon a time" skin again.

SANA has sponsored me this range of products with no request of products reviews. However, as most of my readers do experience similar skin woes like mine, I will be doing a review after ~ 10 to 14 days of usage.


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