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September 2, 2010

SANA Natural Resource Challenge (Part 1)

Remembered the "Sensitive Skin Challenge" organised by SANA in mid-July? Interested contestants were invited by The Sample Store to share how sensitive skin has affected their lives.

Regular readers of my blog would have realized that I have been having a tough battle with sensitive skin over the past couple of years. Its disheartening to admit that my once flawless normal skin has deteriorated to a weird combination of oily and sensitive.

Here's my entry for the SANA - Sensitive Skin Challenge.
I am delighted to received an email from Li Juan, The Sample Store, informing me that my entry has been shortlisted by SANA. I also read from The Sample Store's Facebook wall that SANA had shortlisted 17 participants. Cheers! That would mean more fellow troubled skin participants gets to try out this and hopefully benefit from it claims.

I have been invited for a 2 hours workshop and I will also be receiving a full range of SANA Natural Resource products. Thanks SANA and The Sample Store for this opportunity to try its customized Natural Resource products and hopefully I can say "さよなら" (sa-yo-na-ra / goodbye) to my "erratic (unpredictable) skin.


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