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November 20, 2010

Ettusais Hyper Curl Mascara EX

"Our eyes being the windows to our soul can convey a thousand words.
So no woman should ever leave home without applying mascara!"

Mascara being the final step in eye makeup has always been considered the most important step in the makeup process. Mascara will help us define your lashes and even add prominence to them. When used along with complete eye makeup, it can bring out hidden beauty of your eyes.

However, if you been a frequent reader of meandmyTHRILLS-blog, you would have noticed that I seldom blog on makeup products. I have never enjoyed putting on makeup in the first place, let alone mascara. I will try my utmost effort to avoid using mascara. In fact, I hated the hassle of having to curl my lashes, applying primers coat lashes, then followed by one coat by one coat of mascara (for fear of clumping, which is so time-consuming).

However, everything changed when I started using Ettusais Hyper Curl Mascara EX (Separate). I changed my mind when I received the Ettusais Mascara (Separate / Comb) as my Christmas present during a BFF meet-up. Since then, this has became my 2nd priority, right after sunblock. Besides being able to continuously apply coats of mascara without the clumps, it also makes my lashes curvy and long. The most important of all, it does not smudge despite my immediate blinking right after applying.


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