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November 20, 2010

SANA Easy Peel Cleansing Water

Do you adhere strictly to the recommended 3-Steps skincare regime to beautiful skin?
Step 1 - Clean, Step 2 - Tone,  Step 3 - Moisturise

Today, you shall be strongly encouraged to include an additional step into your daily skincare regime today!

Our skin cells are being shed every seconds each day. We get dull, flaky skin, clogged pores, blemishes, uneven skin tone and etc when our natural shedding process slows down. This is usually caused by sun damage, dry skin, oily skin, genetics and etc. By including an additional exfoliant step, we get to get rid of skin cells built-up by unclogging pores, preventing breakouts and etc.

Carra (SANA Singapore) has advised that sensitive skin type to steer away from abrasive facial scrubs which can irritate out skin. Scrubs will only manage to remove the top superficial layer of our skin and coarse scrubs may even cause skin damage by tearing the skin.

She strongly recommends SANA Easy Peel Cleansing Water during the skin consultation, which contains AHA, BHA and Hyaluronic Acid (soften cuticle and moisten skin). In case you are not aware, AHA are recommended for dry and sun-damaged skin because it exfoliate and improves moisture content. BHA, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, is highly recommended for oily, acne-prone skin and is able to treat blackheads and white bumps.

Although Carra recommends daily usage of SANA Easy Peel Cleansing Water, I decided to use it only twice a week. As I am currently using doctor-prescribed Retin-A daily, which from my understanding, Retin-A works by speeding up cell turnover rates by rapidly exfoliating the skin. Though daily exfoliating of my skin is important, but I wouldnt want to overdo it too!

After including SANA Easy Peel Cleansing Water into my skincare regime, I have completely ceased using facial scrubs and Cure Natural Aqua Gel. The fact that my skin did not worsen or have major acne breakouts (except occasional ones) seems to hint that this bottle of Cleansing Water is blending well into my skincare regime. It really works well on my sensitive skin as I not longer experience irritated skin which I always experienced with scrubs. Though SANA Easy Peel Cleansing Water is also recommended for removal of makeup, I wont advise as it wasn't able to remove my makeup completely, especially the waterproof mascara (left some residue).


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