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November 26, 2010

Review of Clinelle Blackhead Control Gel

Do you know that excessive sebum causes blackheads?
Do you know that blackheads are actually another form of acne?

Our skin cells are constantly regenerating and new skin cells gradually pushes their way to the top layer. When protective layer of skin are unable to form due to enlarged pore size, pores gets infected and clogged. It is the accumulation of keratin, debris, sebum and other factors that results in blackheads.The pore usually filled with bacteria, when exposed to air, becomes oxidized and turns brown/black due to melanin. Areas such as forehead and nose tends to have more more oil glands, which often results in blackheads.

Introducing CLINELLE Blackhead Control Gel 15ml (RRP : S$25.90)a topical control gel, which effectively clear blackheads and tighten open pores. Excessive sebum production is controlled and pore size refined, resulting in a smoother and clearer skin. It is ideal for normal and blemish prone skin type.

Experience the results!
Reduction in blackheads. Reduction in pore size.
Simply use it for six days.

Alpha Bisabolol helps repairs and purifies the skin and helps reduce sensitivity. Oleanolic Acid refines the skin while Curivridone regulates sebum secretion. Geranium and Orange Essential Oil works to regulate skin pH level, tighten open pores and clears blemish.

My Review : The gel is lightly scented and yellowish-green in color. Its looks "thick", yet "runny" in texture when touched. It is cooling when applied and forms a protective shiny layer on the surface. It absorbs quickly and I experience slight tautness on the areas applied. When fully absorbed, it leaves a slightly matte layer of film and the skin continues to feel tight.

With two weeks of continuous usage, I do noticed some improvement to my skin. I noticed less visible pore size in the areas that was applied (T-zone). And the areas seems to be less shiny and I became less reliant on oil blotters.  As I never had issues with blackheads, I couldn't comment much on its effectiveness on blackheads.

Special Thanks to Clinelle Singapore for sponsoring the above
Clinelle Blackhead Control Gel for sampling and review.


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