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December 21, 2010

Beauty means Porcelain

The team at Porcelain believes that Beauty means Porcelain Skin in the most natural way, a naturally smooth skin with a hint of radiance and glow.

Pauline (Managing Director) has recently invited me to share with you Porcelain's newly launched facial skincare products.

SOOTHE – Hydro Cleanser

Product Information
A new member to the Soothe Range, this product is enriched with 6 natural ingredients to cleanse, hydrate and calm your skin. It also has an infusion of powerful antioxidants and skin conditioning agents to protect and nourish your skin. This ultra gentle cleanser is paraben and sulfate free,  and contains 82% Aloe Vera Gel which is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

REVIVE – Natural Skin Refiner

Product Information
This advanced formula makes use of natural enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells by stimulating micro-circulation as you massage your skin with this product, it gently lifts dissolved impurities and at the same time, pump nutrients deep into the skin.

Soaks up Essences
It is a SUPER SPONGE soaked with nutrients all ready to be pumped into your skin. Made with natural plant fibers, or can be synthetically derived to form even finer nano fibers, this material has 100 times fluid holding capacity compared to other material such as Cotton, Silk or Paper.

Nutrient Delivery
Its unique fibrous structure allows mask to cling closely to skin, up to 2 nano-cm, allowing essences to penetrate skin even around wrinkled areas. It has also been proven to be 10 times more efficient in delivering nutrition than regular masks.

Human Skin-Like
Developed through advanced biotechnological processes to perfectly fit to the human face, it has greater conformability and softness to suit all types of face shapes and sizes.

Product Description
Enhanced with multiple ingredients, each with their own unique ability to hold water &/or pump in moisture, keep your skin well hydrated with your weekly dose of Porcelain’s Hydrocare Mask from the Spa Series.

Product Description
Prevent (Anti-Oxidants & Anti-Melanin), Repair (Lightening & Healing) and Renew (Cell Regeneration & Hydrate)
Designed with a holistic three-pronged approach, combat pigmentation, uneven skin tone and skin discolorations with this powerful whitening mask.

Product Description
Formulated with an advanced liposome encapsulation technology, nutrients become more stable and retain the most of their benefits till the point of application. Enriched with Olive Extract, Vitamins A, C, E & topped with a luxurious dose of Caviar Extract, reverse the signs of aging with each use of this incredible mask!

For me, the product that I would love to use has to be its Bio Cellulose MaskI look forward to that enthralling moment where I can reward my skin with a nutritive feast from its "sponge filled" of nutrients essence.  Help me PREVENT, REPAIR and RENEW!

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Please note, this is NOT a paid advertorial and I am not affiliated with Porcelain The Face Spa.


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