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January 21, 2011

All I want for X'mas is MAYBELLINE's ...

Read on to find out my surprise gift from Maybelline Singapore

Its a X'mas giveaway from Maybelline Singapore @ facebook. Fans of Maybelline were invited to complete the sentence of "All I want for X'mas is Maybelline's ..." with a Maybelline product that we would love to receive during X'mas 2010.

My surprise X'mas gift from Maybelline arrived after Christmas and its a Maybelline Hyperdiamonds Liquid Liner. There was a "personal touch", as Maybelline Singapore had also include a hand-written greeting and message. Thanks for the MNYNY badge too! I'm gonna tagged it onto my lugguage (haha!).

Special Thanks to Maybelline Singapore for your surprise X'Mas gift!


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