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January 14, 2011

Bebeco - A Recipe for Simplicity

As mentioned in my previous introductory postBebeco Singapore has invited me to review their facial care products which range from various categories for different skin types; Plant Vita, Orange Vita, Act Line to Coenzyme.

I have specifically chosen three of their "highly-recommended" products to form my own "Simplicity 1-2-3" facial regime for review. The products includes; Plant Vita Makeup Foam Cleanser,  Perfect Peeling Gel and  Hydro Brightening Mask Pack. Bebeco Singapore has suggested that I also include its ALONIQUE WHITENING SUPER AQUA tonic and emulsion in this review for a complete skincare regime.

Simplicity ONE-2-3 : Cleansing

Bebeco Plant Vita contains natural plant extracts which helps to smoothen and tighten skin and keeps the skin optimally moisturized, leaving it soft and fresh. By providing sufficient moisture to dull skin, this product also prevents skin aging. It is suitable for sensitive skin due to its effectively in supplying moisture and skin nutrients to protect the skin, prevent inflammatory and bacterial growth.

PLANT VITA MAKEUP FOAM CLEANSER is a low foam cleanser which is effective in removal of cosmetics residue, skin dirt and grease from the face. It contains ingredients  that effectively promotes damaged skin recovery and regeneration while maintaining moisture in the skin for prolong period.
My Review : This cleanser is fragrance scent, white in color and surprisingly lathers well for  a supposed a low foam cleanser. Due to personal preferences, I used a facial wash lather net to create a creamy dense foam. My skin experienced slight tingling sensation during the initial usage, which I suspected was part of its deep cleansing process as there was no redness or itchiness after use. I loves it when It left my skin squeaky clean yet minus the hateful taut sensation.

Tone and Moisturise

ALONIQUE WHITENING SUPER AQUA is specially catered to women's skin, strengthen ing epidermal barrier, increasing skin moisture, lightening skin tone and thereby enhancing anti-aging effect. This series provides whitening effect and brightens dull or imperfect skin. It supplies nutrients and uplifts rough and dry skin due to environment stimulus and stress, making it soft, smooth and tight. By the way, it also contains Sodium Hyaluronate which very effective for moisture retention.

ALONIQUE WHITENING SUPER AQUA TONIC effectively fades hyperpigmentation, improves skin barrier function, supplies sufficient moisture and prevents aging of the skin. ALONIQUE WHITENING SUPER AQUA EMULSION helps to retain skin moisture and has an anti-aging effect on the skin, as well as a wrinkle reduction benefit. Its ingredients extracted from macadamia seed oil retents the moisture and oil balance of the skin and softens the most rough textured skin, leaving the skin feeling matte.

My Review : Both the toner and emulsion has a light refreshing fragrance. The toner in particular, was light-weight and quickly absorbed into my facial skin. As for the emulsion, it took a little longer and I had to massage it to hasten absorption. Aside from the silky feel of my skin, its also left an alluring lingering scent of fragrance.

Simplicity 1-TWO-3 : Exfoliation

BEBECO PERFECT PEELING GEL contains extracts of ginseng, gingko leaf and rice bran, which results in smooth and silk-like skin texture as it controls keratin effectively. Along with aloe extract and dipotasssium glycyrrhizate which possess outstanding skin sedative effect, this product is suitable for sensitive skin.
My Review : This exfoliating gel works similarly like its competitors except that it has a stimulating fragrance that never fails to perk me during use. Due to my skin's inability to naturally shed dead skin cells, I am became dependent on external exfoliation products that is necessary to keep my pores free of blockages. Being a sensitive skin type, I'm glad that it was  nonabrasive, yet effortlessly rubbed away my dead skin cells to reveal a soft and smooth skin without being irritatedPlease note that use of exfoliating products on acne and sensitive skin types will usually experience different variation of irritation. Its best to use gel-based and nonabrasive gel-based to decrease the probability of irritation.

Simplicity 1-2-THREE: Mask

Alfredo Bebeco Hydro Whitening Skin Care inhibits the activity of Tyrosinases thereby inhibiting formation of melanin, the main cause for skin pigmentation. With 12 types of herbal extracts, this product penetrates easily into the skin, softens the skin, supplies sufficient moisture and helps to keep skin optimally moisturized while increase skin resistant to radiation, and hence, whiten the skin.

ALFREDO BEBECO HYDRO BRIGHTENING MASK PACK contains sandalwood extract which helps to kill germs, smooth and heal skin ailments and conditions and clear blemishes. With 15 other types of herbal extract, this mask pack is an excellent whitening mask to balance the skin moisture, promote skin metabolism, inhibit melanin formation, repair appearance of fine lines caused by loose skin, effectively tighten the skin and thereby delay sign of aging and help to restore delicate soft white skin.

My Review : This brightening mask pack is a colorless liquid mask that's refreshing. It is cooling when applied and it took around 10mins to be fully absorbed into my facial skin. I admit that I have always been obsessed with radiant porcelain skin and so I diligently applied the brightening mask twice weekly, looking forward to a fresh and radiant-looking skin. Unfortunately, I wasnt able to notice visible immediate-brightening of my skin, though my skin seems to glow from the intensive moisturising after each use.

Pls note : The different skin tones is due to camera's white balance.

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Visit Bebeco's webpage for more product information, and Bebeco's FaceBook for product promotions

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Special Thanks to BEBECO Singapore for sponsoring the above products for sampling and review.


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