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January 14, 2011

RETAIL-SIZE Sasatinnie Super Dolly Mascara from The Sample Store!

Have you received your SASATINNIE Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara Advanced Formula from The Sample Store? I have received mine today!

SASATINNIE Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara Advanced Formula, a radial shaped comb that is specially designed to separate and lift every lash, including the corners of the eyes and lower lashes to build a glamorously curled lash look without clumps. It instantly lift your lashes with volume and extreme curl lock effect. Your lashes are magically styled into perfect full fan in a second to complete your dolly-stylized look! Its long-lasting waterproof formula is lightweight, which helps to lock in comfort and seal out moisture all day long.

I confessed! It was the retail-sized SASATINNIE Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara that tempted me to "check-out" samples from The Sample Store. The mere postage of S$2.99 is a steal, since the SASATINNIE Super Dolly Mascara alone is worth S$21.90.


Off late, I have been trading my sleeping hours due to personal reasons. As a result, I have increasing my reliance on mascara to give my eyes a perky illusion from all those late nights. So this retail-sized treat from The Sample Store came at the right moment! And I also took opportunity to select another 3 samples too! The samples includes; Dress Me Moisturizing & Refreshing Mask, Palmer's 12 Pcs Sampling Kit and Aqua Rine Japanese Aroma - Peach Bath Salt.

Redeem your RETAIL SIZE Sasatinnie Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara (worth S$21.90) for FREE*
*Redemption is free, only delivery fee (S$2.99) will be incurred.


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