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March 23, 2011

Across the World with the Singapore Girl

If only ... If only I wasnt that desperate ... I would have landed in Seoul in 2 weeks time. Why did Singapore Airlines launched its attractive flight deals so late?

I was anxious to change my holiday destination and Hong Kong was one of the few countries on with attractive airfare deals from Singapore Airlines. I wanted to visit Taiwan, but I wasnt confident was it safe from earthquake (Japan is still experiencing aftershocks at that time) since it rather close to Japan.

Since no one was in the mood of itinerary planning, we decided to let price be the deciding factor. Hence, being the lowest price airfare offered, Hong Kong was chosen. Check Singapore Airlines promo here.

Hong Kong ... Here I come, once again!


I will be making a trip to Hong Kong again in June but cnt take advantage of SQ's promo for HK as validity till May. :( Do share with us abt yr trip again when you are back!! :D

Hi Miso,

Thanks for dropping by.
Yes, I will be updating my recent trip soon.
See you then :)


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