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June 2, 2011

Cleanse and Detoxify with AFC Cho Beauty

Do you know that good health begins from our intestines?

In the human body, the intestines form an important part of the digestive process. The intestinal structure is made up of the small intestine and the big intestine, For a healthy digestive system, both the small and big intestines have to be in good working order.

Every day, our diet and lifestyle choices play a part in our intestinal health. A diet high in refine/ processed foods, sugars, and saturated fat leads to accumulated waste and toxin buildup in the body. This in turn, results in other symptoms like a dull complexion, sluggish body system and digestive problems.

How do we maintain the Bacteria Balance?

Our intestines house about 100 trillion of bacteria which closely regulates the intestinal environment. There are three types of bacteria - the good bacteria, the bad bacteria, and the neutral bacteria. Balancing the bacteria colony depends on your diet and lifestyle.

Do you know? Not all Probiotics are created equal!

AFC CHŌ BEAUTY contains 101 billion friendly bacteria, clinically proven to cleanse and eliminate harmful toxins, to restore the natural balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract, and balance your intestinal environment.

Studies show that most probiotics are easily destroyed by stomach acid and the intestinal environment. These conventional probiotic formulas may not bring about beneficial effects as the probiotic strains are not able to reach the intestinal tract intact, where they are needed. Ordinary probiotic formulas are heat-sensitive, and as much as 90% of the live culture are killed during the handling process.

My Review : As a newbie to detox management, I took the conservative approach of daily cleansing instead of the intensive detox.

* Daily Cleansing = 1 sachet in the morning on an empty stomach
* Intensive Detox = 2 sachets (morning and night) on an empty stomach for eight weeks.

For thorough elimination of stubborn intestinal waste, repeat regime 2-3 times yearly. Please follow the dosage of Daily Cleansing in between each cycle for maximum health benefits.

My consuming methods of Cho Beauty varies depending on time constraint. The two methods includes; (a) pouring the content directly into my mouth while sipping water and (b) mixing the content with water. Personally, the hassle-free method (A) appeals to me more. And its refreshing aroma of grapefruit serves as a gentle reminder to me everyday.

I did not have to wait till 5 days to experience the results from consuming the AFC Cho Beauty. After 3 consecutive days of "daily cleansing", the slight bloating experience was removed by an "ultimate" detox. I gotta admit that I was in a state of relief after the initial "dumping" and incredibly, my body felt really good after that.

A re-check with the 3-second stool check after 3 weeks of consuming AFC Cho Beauty saw my stools being upgraded to the good intestinal health. My confidence in detox program (particularly AFC Cho Beauty) was further increased when I noticed a gradual reduction in abdominal bloating. I have benefited from the inner cleansing and I would like to recommend to everyone who's keen relief your body from the toxic load.

Cho Beauty is available at all Unity pharmacies, Nishino pharmacies, selected John Little & Robinsons.

Price: $74.90.
Promo price is $69.90 if you buy directly from AFC

Special Thanks to LifeStream Group Singapore for sponsoring the AFC Cho Beauty for sampling and review.


You are invited to visit AFC Japan Facebook Page for their contests and giveaways. And not forgetting LifeStream Group Web Page to find out more about AFC beauty and health supplements.


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