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August 5, 2011

Stylish Look Begins with Fabulous Hair

Your hair makes up your personality. It is crucially important to keep your hair in tip-top condition for an attractive appeal. With healthier hair, your confidence shines through naturally. What’s even better, nothing stops you from having trendy and stylish hairstyles. If you notice any signs and symptoms of hair loss problems, seek professional help early with Yun Nam Hair Care today!  
My reliance on hair dyeing due to pre-matured white hair has caused my hair to be frizzy and in fact has lost most of its radiance. Frankly speaking, who doesn’t long for luxurious healthy thick and silky hair? My biggest regret is there are so many types of hairstyles that I would love to try yet was often limited by my hair condition.

Additional info on campaign

I’m going to introduce an educational website on how keeping up with hairstyle trends (frequent styling, chemical treatments), lifestyle habits (incorrect use of hair products, and other uncontrollable factors can cause hair problems that will limit your hairstyling (too little hair, bald patches on scalp, visible dandruff, grey hair etc).

The landing page is an interesting exploration of hairstyles. Upon selection of any hairstyle on either side of the micro site, a hair problem will appear and a solution will appear for you to click on, which will “magically” solve the hair problem. The solution is a representation of how Yun Nam Hair Care’s professional analysis together with customized 100% herbal treatment and home care products, can effectively solve all hair problems.

The micro site also features an exclusive $18 hair treatment package that is available for a limited period only. This hair treatment package includes the following:
            1 x Professional scalp scan and analysis
            2 x Customised Hair Treatment using 100% Herbal Formula
            1 Set of Customised Home Care Products
And bonus entitlements:
            $8 Bata Voucher*
            $30 SA Tours Voucher*
            American Express Cardmembers will receive an additional $300 Yun Nam Hair Treatment Voucher*
*Terms & Conditions apply

Refer and Get Rewarded!
The folks @ YUN NAM are generous to include a “referral” system whereby purchasers of the $18 package can “share” the promotion with 5 friends. If any 1 friend purchases an $18 package within 48 hours the referrer will then be entitled to an additional Yun Nam Essence Treatment that is applied together with a Yun Nam’s Customised Hair Treatment to enhance treatment results.
Through this microsite, Yun Nam Hair Care hopes to achieve the following:
1.                  Encourage those who have hair problems or suspect that they might have hair problems to take up the $18 Revitalising Hair Treatment Package so that they can get to the root of their hair problem (find out the cause and how Yun Nam Hair Care can help to solve the problem) and witness for themselves the amazing recovery results with Yun Nam Hair Care’s customised treatments
2.                  Educate fashion and beauty followers about the need to maintain or achieve healthy to complete their image.
3.                  That everyone may recognize Yun Nam Hair Care as the industry leader in the treatment of hair problems with 98.7% recovery rate that is proven through real life testimonials’ scalp scans before treatment and after a couple of treatments.

Real Life Testimonial 1

Suzen Lau, 20 years old, Chemically Damaged Hair/Hair Loss
Suzen’s scalp scan before treatment

Suzen’s scalp scan after 8 treatment sessions

A happy Suzen

Real Life Testimonial 2

Justin Chong, 22 years old, Dandruff/Sensitive Scalp
Justin’s scalp scan before treatment

Justin’s scalp scan after 4 treatment sessions

A happy Justin

Real Life Testimonial 3

Susan Lim, 52 years old, Grey Hair/Sensitive Scalp
Susan’s scalp scan before treatment

Susan’s scalp scan after 12 treatment sessions

A happy Susan

 All about Yun Nam Hair Care
Established in 1984, Yun Nam Hair Care, a well-known household name for 27 years firmly believes in using natural herbs to improve hair health. Our customised hair treatments have helped countless male and female customers to recover from various hair problems.

We examine your hair thoroughly to identify the causes of your hair problems and advise on which treatment is appropriate for you. With the use of advanced hair growth technology and herbal methods, nutrients are actively penetrated into your hair scalp and follicles to boost a remarkable growth.

Professional Team of Hair Experts
Our Team of Hair Care Experts is well-equipped with an in-depth knowledge of hair analysis. The established methods and modern technology used will get to the root of your hair problems and ensure that your hair problem is treated fast.

Elite Service Provider
Expect one-on-one personal consultation, thorough computerised scalp analysis, customised herbal hair treatment and close monitoring of your treatment progress by our dedicated Hair Care Specialists.

Safe and Effective Hair Treatments
Our Hair Care Specialists will administer safe and effective treatments to resolve your hair problems fast, with top-notch potent herbal hair care formula.

Guaranteed Results
To date, Yun Nam Hair Care’s trademark remedies and herbal treatments have achieved a 98.7% success rate amongst customers. Witness the visible improvement of your hair condition in just one treatment.

Award-Winning Hair Care Brand
Yun Nam Hair Care is the No. 1 Recommended Brand, the Most Effective Brand, the Most Trusted Brand and the Recognised Hair Care Brand in Singapore (Based on a Hair, Face and Body Brand Awareness Survey conducted by Connecting Insights Consultants’ in August 2010).


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