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August 12, 2011

An Opportunity To Bid Farewell To PMS (Punish Men Severely)

Its that time of the month when we become emotionally unstable and hence were "legally" to be excused for having the Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, better known as Punish Men Severely (haha!).

Every woman is bound to experience a variety of sensations before or during their menses, though some may experience it more often. Studies reveal that almost 80% of women suffer from the effects of menstrual discomforts. Common complains include abdominal pain, backache, pain in the inner thighs, bloating, nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, headaches, breast tenderness, irritability and mood changes.


Since menstruating is inevitable, wouldn’t it be good to transform this uncomfortable period when you are pain-stricken and restricted in your daily activities to a more pleasant monthly affair? Natural health supplements can be ideal to solving your problems. Hi-Beau International has introduced the 1st Natural Menstrual Care Product that allows all ladies to drink to your comfort during that time of the month!

ChocoMarvel (S$19.90 for a pack of 8 sachets) differs from traditional menstrual relief as it combines a rich chocolate drink with natural plant extracts that are targeted to help ladies manage the various symptoms and discomforts during menstruation.

Functions of ChocoMarvel™
- Promotes blood circulation and aid in relief of menstrual pain.

- Helps relieve bloating, tension and discomfort
- Helps replenish Iron loss during menstruation
- Helps improve facial complexion
- Helps maintain hormone levels, and reduce irritability and depression

Why ChocoMarvel™?
- Rich chocolate taste makes it enjoyable to consume
- Derived from 100% natural ingredients
- Suitable for long term consumption
- Low fat to suit weight watchers

Its heart-warming that Hi-Beau heard the ladies' call for a product that targets to relief menstrual discomfort. I have to admit my review of ChocoMarvel is little biased as I have a liking for chocolate, especially sinful rich chocolate! Look at the dark chocolate powder! Its simply mouth-watering, and its amazing the cocoa powder dissolve almost immediately. The only "complain" I have for Hi-Beau is that it left a Angelica-after taste despite its smooth mouth-feel.

Not exactly sure did it improve my overall facial complexion, but it does helped in relieving my tummy bloating and discomfort which I always experienced without fail every month. And to the guys who were reading this blog post; you must be waiting for THE answer? Well, it certainly did managed to reduce my irritability. I knew it because my husband-to-be (HTB) and I did not get into any form of disagreement / argument throughout my PMS-days this month!

Since menstruation's here to stay, why not indulge in a cup of warming ChocoMarvel™ to to help manage symptoms associated with discomfort during menstruation?

No more excuse to allow PMS discomfort to cripple our daily activities!

LIKE ChocoMarvel to redeem your FREE sample today
(Ps; Guy! Redeem the sample for your beloved ones now!)


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