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September 7, 2011

Ultra-Cleansing Secret with BIORE Marshmallow

Aren't you keen to know another secret behind Japanese girls’ bouncy, porcelain skin?

Well, besides drinking daily mega-doses of collagen as supplement to their diet, Japanese ladies puts a lot of extra effort to generate consistent smooth fluffy foam (with foaming net) to clean better with finer bubbles and to cushion the cleansing stress from hand on face.

So the secret behind effective, gentle cleansing is FOAM!

Pre-mature wrinkles, loss of bounciness in skin are a result of stress caused by cleansing and application of toner & moisturizer. Japanese ladies always try to reduce the stress at every skin care steps!

What's the characteristic of an ideal FOAM be?

Dense and don’t drip even when flipped upside down
Smooth and bouncy
Very small bubbles

Introducing Japanese ladies's cleansing secret in a bottle : The new Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash (Instant quality foam with a PUMP).

It contains collagen for moisturising and with its ultra fine foam, enhances cleansing abilities. Its dense yet soft foam is so gentle on skin is dispensed with just a pump. Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash (RRP S$13.90) is available at major supermarkets and medical stores.

If you had been following my blog closely, you would have noticed that I'm dependent on lathering net.

I like to use creamy dense foams to cleanse my face and using palm to lathers always create watery foams.

Unfortunately due to the "slight" hassle of lathering, I have a soft spot for foam facial wash. Hey who doesnt like creamy thick cleansing foam at the press of finger?

If u take a closer look at the photo below, you would have easily noticed that the texture of the foam on your right is ultra small compared to the foam on your left which I created with a lather net.

After trying it for a almost a week, it is definitely worth using the BIORE Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash which gives me immediate dense and soft foam with just a pump.

You are invited to play the BIORE - Spot and Win game : 

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Special Thanks to The Sample Store and Biore Singapore for sponsoring the product for review.


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