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September 14, 2009

Loreal Luxury Brand Private Sale

I took off specially to visit Loreal Private Sale today. I reached there around 3pm and there was a queue of about 10+ people in front of me. I heard the staff @ entrance screaming : "those without tickets please stand a side". I was supposed to take note whether are they allowed into the sale without tickets (fellow podders wishes to know). But the moment when the staff took my tickets and let me in, I completely lost focus. Sorry gals! I don't mean it.

Here are the stuffs I have gotten. I have not tried these brands before but got them as my friend had strongly recommended. As for the Lancome cosmetics, that because I have attended some private events hosted by them, and so I became aware about its products. This is definetly a good time to try out most of the luxury products.

I was using Molten Brown facial mist, and as my friend - Shu Uemura fanatic, strongly insists that I grabbed the facial mist. As it was selling @ $20.00 each (too attractive to resist), I grabbed the last 3 bottles. I wanted to get the Depsea Eye Gel, but it was not available @ the sale. Anyway, I bought their Depsea Lip Serum ($25.00) to moisturise my lip (haha), eye liner ($20.00) and their limited edition blusher ($20.00).

Imo, YSL is more famous for their perfume (not sure am I right), but my sis kept insist that she wants the hydrating skincare series. So no choice, I bought these too, $35.00 each item.

I had always wanted to try Lancome's cosmetics as I heard lots of raves about their Maquiliquide. Not sure the retail $$$, but I paid $30 / $40 / $45 (left to right)

The Biotherm GWP are selling @ $10.00 for 3 packs (which is 9 items). If I compared with Laneige GWP sale, which is selling @ $5.00 for 20 items, this is definetly very costly. Anyway, my sister is keen to get them for travelliing purposely. I really regretted not getting the other GWP bundle which is selling @ $10.00 for 2 packs (which is 6 items) + 2 Biotherm pouches. When I finally convinced myself to get those, they are already OOS. Silly me!

Somehow I am buying lots of hair products recently. I am quite concerned about my terrible hair conditions recently. Perhaps due to my constant hair coloring, my hair has became rather dry and lost the shine it used to have. The friendly SA strongly recommends that I use this scalp nutrition ($20.00) for healthy hair and also the shampoos (3 for $45.00).

Here are the 15 tubes of scalp therapy for healthier hair. Hopefully this will last me till the next upcoming Loreal public sale, so that I can purchase them again if the results is good.

Lastly, I bought a hair iron and the heat protection serum. The SA strongly insisted that we should use heat protection serum if we uses hair iron or else ... terrible ah! Anyway, this is for my sister as I don't have the habit to use hair iron as my hair is naturally straight.

That is all for today. I spent almost 2 hours inside the room choosing my stuffs as its simply too crowded. I was actually looking forward to getting Kiehl's products, but ended up not getting a single item from them. The products available are not theiir must-buy, so I was quited disappointed. Anyway, I left this place almost $500.00 poorer.


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