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April 2, 2011

The Smart Skincare - Viccal Basic Collection

Viccal Basic Collection consists of
No 1.10 Serum - Nurture and Strengthen,
No 2.11 Serum - Detoxify and Heal
No 3.12 Serum - Revitalise and Energise

Based on my skin type and concerns, the people in Viccal Singapore have shortlisted and sent me : Viccal No 2.11 Serum - Detoxify and Heal, formulated with 11 active ingredients for calm and soothed skin.

My Review : Viccal No 2.11 Serum has a very light rose scent that its almost virtually scentless. I hesitated as I was about to apply the serum. The serum definitely looked too intense for my skin! But right after I applied a drop of the serum into my hand, its enthralling to note that it's light silky texture glides and gets absorbed into my skin so quickly.

Three drops of the serum each usage is more than sufficient to moisturise and soothed my "cranky" facial skin. I noticed a visible improvement to skin texture and somehow felt a further reduction in pore sizes. In my opinion, this works well for sensitive, combination (slight towards dry skin type) like mine!

VICCAL can be purchased directly (call/email the contact details on website for orders or enquiries), or from the 2 clinics listed (


Special thanks to Viccal Singapore and The Sample Store for sponsoring the above product for review.


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