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July 4, 2011

ACNES - Total Confidence with clear skin

Acnes Medicated Skincare
#1 Antibacterial Skin Care Brand in Japan!
I have previously purchased the same set oAcnes Creamy Wash & Sealing Gel from Watsons after reading all the raves about its Acnes Sealing Gel in various forums. It was priced at a very attractive price and hence I craved in to temptation (haha!).

ACNES Creamy Wash helps removes excess sebum and keeps skin soft and moist. A mild and non-irritating creamy wash for daily uses to effectively prevent pimples. It is anti-bacterial, soothing, deep cleanse, moisture retention and contains anti-oxidation.

My Review : As its product name, ACNES Creamy Wash was able lather so well to create creamy luxurious foams that I can even skip using a lather net. And it was indeed fast in eliminating sebum but unfortunately it wasn't moisturizing enough for my combination skin type (more prone to dryness type).

ACNES Sealing Gel, a oil-free light gel, is a concentrated point of care that kills acne bacteria from deep inside of pores

My Review : I haven't been having pimples prone-skin recently (touchwood) and hence my review on the ACNES Sealing Gel was based on my previous usage. ACNES Sealing Gel is a pimple treatment gel that targeted specifically at those irritating zits and prevent it from erupting further. Its excellent as a pimple targeted treatment, and I loved its "fast and furious" drying effect on my pimple. In fact its so efficient that I can see visible control over the pimple, with slight peeling @ pimple zone after applying twice.

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