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October 2, 2010

Review of Essential Damage Control Hair Essence - Rich Premier and Nuance Airy

Essential Damage Control - Hair Essence
Score : JJJJJ/5
I'm sure you must be wondering why I gave full marks for the Essential Damage Control Hair Essence. If you had been observant enough, you would have realized that I seldom mention/blog about haircare products, especially leave-on hair serums.

I was never, I repeat, NEVER a fan of hair serums. In fact, I hate using hair serums / leave-on hair serums. I would prefer my hair to be super duper dry than be sticky and flat. Most hair serums that I have tried often made my hair feel oily and heavy after application. It also tends to worsen further towards the end of day.
So ... I am impressed that Essential Hair Essence was able to Repair my hair texture, Rejuvenate my lifeless hair and Re-style my hair for a brand new me. Both Essential Rich Premier Hair Essence and Nuance Airy Hair Essence give a complete different feel despite having the same key ingredient; High Purity Honey Oil and Ultra Shine Essence.

For Essential Rich Premier Hair Essence - Nourishing Care Lotion;  it gives my hair a smooth and light feel. It was able to moisturize my hair, making it soft and manageable. And it is important to note that it does not make my hair feel heavier (especially the lower portion of my hair) which prompts me to give it full marks!

For Essential Nuance Airy Hair Essence - Anti-Frizz Serum; it wasnt able to completely remove my frizzy hair, but still manages to gives my hair a smooth feel. My hair ends tends to be more curvy at the ends of my hair when using Nuance Airy as compared to Rich Premier.


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